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Our building. Fun times. Fun times.
7-11, anti-dshs, ari, baby mama drama, bathtubs, beer, bitchy straight tenants, boone's, broke down cars, canadia, cardboard squares, cash benefits, chase, cheese, coffee, csi, dogs running amok, drinking, drive-bys, fairplay, fake orgasm chick, food stamps, garbage day, gender theory, gossiping, gwen, he's a lady, heineken, high speed internet, homer simpson bottle openers, hours at starbucks, i herrre that, jewfro, karaoke, keepin' it real, keeping aspca on speed-dial, knifings, lake city, laundry room drama, law and order, liquor, megaphone man, microwaves, mormons, my hat, nachoes, paranoid freaks, parking spots, parties, patch, patch's living room, pimp, pizza delivery, poops, rachel ray, rent vouchers, seattle, sharis, shit fits, shootings, smoking, sprained ankles, steaming dog shit, super wal-mart, survivor nights, takin' out the fence, talking shit, target, the boot, the chatch, the day after thanksgiving, the hood, the vu, the zoo, tv, unemployment checks